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Concerts and events are allowed again in Dubai

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

We have some great news for those that love to party in a lively setting! Live events and concerts have been resumed in Dubai starting with the 3rd of August. You can rest assured that all measures are taken, so that the audience will stay safe while enjoying some of the best events in the whole world! Dubai keeps its perfect standards in terms of service, entertainment and impeccable settings, so the authorities have decided to allow both indoor and outdoor events. A series of strict measures must be followed for the safety of the clients and the personal.


· Thorough sterilization will be carried for all assets, equipment and public areas as prescribed by DMHS prior to re-opening of the Venue.

· Mandatory temperature checks for all onsite staff at regular intervals.

· All staff will wear masks at all times while the staff who are in direct contact with customers and “In Kitchen for Restaurants and Dining Facilities” should wear gloves as well.

· All staff will practice social distancing guidelines

· Organisers will ensure that all entertainers/performers/artists and crew are COVID-19 symptom free and ensure that all the necessary precautions, measures and checks are in place prior to performance.

· Performers and artists who are delivering routine shows will be tested every two weeks and are encouraged to be quarantined.

· Masks can be removed by performers and stage speakers during performance on stage, only if they can maintain at least 4m physical distancing measures.

· Strictly No physical fan/audience interaction or movement between audience.

· Artists will stay in the designated space and will not move between audience.


· Mandatory thermal scanners across all entry points for screening visitors will be implemented

· All Visitors will be screened through contactless temperature checks prior to entering the Venue

· Mandatory to wear face masks at all times in the Venue

· Visitors will pre-register online prior to visiting the show/event including relevant details required to allow for contact tracing

· A dedicated ticket sales area will be set-up ensuring compliance to social distancing requirements for queuing of 2m with floor markers.

· Ticket dispensation should be automated with contactless payments encouraged

· Minimum 2m Social Distancing corresponding into 1 Person per 4 Sqm

· Checker board seating arrangement will be permitted including VIP suites in the Venue with two seats equivalent to be kept vacant between each group of people or between individuals if not from the same single group.

· Online ticket purchases encouraged

· Queuing area for taxis will be marked in line with social distancing guidelines

· Sanitization will be done at end of every day and Sterilization to be conducted post tear down of Event

· Performers and Stage speakers can remove mask during performances only if they can maintain at least 4m physical distancing measure with the audience.

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