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Experience the ultimate Soul Therapy - every Wednesday at the Secret Garden at Vii!

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

What says summer more than deep tech sounds in a dreamy Secret Garden?

This August, something exciting with deep techno sounds is cooking at The Secret Garden at Vii.

Soul Therapy is the newest house night in town, every single Wednesday, featuring one of the top acts in town, Dj Soberboy! He continuously focuses on finding unique tracks and sounds to represent him around the globe, so expect to be swept away by something truly different.

After being very exclusives with his choices in terms of sounds and genres, he selected his tracks to reflect his unique approach, he opened up for Ripperton, Nima Gorji, Booka Shade and Paul C, Pig&Dan and many others to follow.

Let yourself be immersed in the newly decorated lounge while indulging on gourmet dishes, your favourite shisha and a view to match your highest expectations! A luxurious garden, the lush lounge and an elevated atmosphere are the magical mix of an unforgettable experience that will uplift your spirit – brought to you every Wednesday, this is your ultimate Soul Therapy.

Being in the the Secret Garden, we guarantee you will get that magical feeling that brings together a fairytale like garden lounge with deep tech sounds that consists of a mix of deep or minimal techno music combined with the soulful and jazzy end of house.

The bright and colourful lounge has gained a lot of popularity recently and being at the stylish Conrad Hotel, expect a chic & late night crowd that enjoy celebrating in style.

Ladies you get pampered with complimentary drinks from 9-11 PM while listening to the latest house tracks.

For those looking into late night bites - this is the perfect spot and it has the fix for any sushi craving while you can be up until 6 AM in the morning, due to their newly updated late schedule.

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