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Popular Nightclubs in Dubai to start 2023

Popular Nightclubs in Dubai to start 2023

1. Sky 2.0

Talking about the best nightclubs in Dubai, we cannot miss mentioning Sky 2.0. The place has maintained its high reputation; all thanks to its world-class programs, acts, and unmatched luxuries. It is firmly anchored in Dubai Design District's hearts with its unparalleled beverage offers.

The place impresses its diverse visitors with its global music and entertainment, international cuisines, and beverages. It combines its authentication and originality to offer unforgettable evenings to all party lovers.

Sky 2.0

Timing - Thursday to Saturday 10:30 PM to 4 AM

Address - Dubai Design District - Dubai - UAE

2. Avenue Club


Enjoy a relaxed and energetic nightlife with an elegant and classy vibe at the Avenue Club. Expect a luxurious and exclusive nightlife experience with an appealing dance floor, the best sound system, and unmatched DJ lighting and music entertainment.

The nightclub has raised the standards with its world-class artists, premium lounge, delicious delicacies, and luxury drinks. The place is perfect if you want to enjoy a concert vibe with luxuries never experienced before. Be ready as this lavish nightclub is all about unleashing your wild side!

Timing - Monday to Sunday 10:30 PM to 3 AM

Address - Shangri-La Hotel, Sheikh Zayed Road, 42nd Floor - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

3. Billionaire Dubai


No matter if you want to have the finest dining experience or want to fully enjoy the clubbing experience; Billionaire Dubai is the place to visit. With its delicious international cuisine and world-famous DJs, the place has always been one of the best nightclubs in Dubai.

Choose this place to host your private parties to leave a mark with excellent food, spectacular entertainment, and international drinks. Don't just add wealth and fame but also luxury experiences.

Timing - Tuesday to Sunday 9 PM to 2 AM

Address - Taj Hotel - Burj Khalifa Blvd - Business Bay - Dubai - UAE

4. Taikun Dubai


If you want to enjoy your time at a luxurious, sophisticated, modern, and glamorous nightclub in Dubai, there can be no better place than Taikun Dubai. It is a classic nightclub in Dubai that combines great food, delicious drinks, and world-class entertainment.

Enjoy your heart out on its dynamic dance floor, upbeat music, contemporary performances, and unique cocktail menu. Its great view is simply a visual treat to the eyes while the place hosts every luxury to win over your hearts. A perfect place for all party lovers!

Timing - Tuesday to Saturday 8 PM to 3 AM

Sunday 8 PM to 12 AM

Address - Al Habtoor City - Business Bay - Dubai - UAE

5. Dream Dubai


To offer you an unforgettable experience, Dream Dubai combines the best of art, music, entertainment, and culinary. It simply just awakens your sense with its never seen luxuries and lavish nightclubbing. You can also enjoy fresh dance acts and international performances to enjoy your time.

You won't mind grooving to the beats of the trendy music and visually attracted dance floor. You will adore the delicious cuisines and drinks for sure. Well, as the name suggests, it is the perfect place to escape to another world. Believe us; it will be all worth it.

Timing - Wednesday to Sunday 8 PM to 3 AM

Address - Address Beach Resort, JBR

6. Play Restaurant


Listed as one of the popular nightclubs in Dubai, play restaurant effortlessly creates an energetic and entertaining ambiance combined with classy live performances. It is the place where entertainment meets luxuries to let you experience a gala time that you will never forget.

The place has everything sorted for its visitors - the show, the music, the ambiance, the food, and especially the drinks. It just has the right mix of everything to welcome you into the world of elaborated and enticing nightlife.

Timing - Monday to Sunday 8 PM to 3 AM

Address - The H Hotel Dubai Floor 36, Office Tower One - Sheikh Zayed Rd - Dubai - UAE

7. Vision Club Dubai


If you are a fan of the metaverse, you will love your time at Vision Club Dubai. The place has redefined the nightclub experience in Dubai with its luxurious ambiance to blur the lines of reality. It hosts an impressive design, laser beams, and LED lights to pull you onto the dance floor.

It also impresses its visitors with its extraordinary space designs for a smooth and relaxing time. Expect a stunning ambiance and a great vibe to experience the best nightclub experience with a classy crowd.

Timing - Monday to Sunday 11 PM to 4 AM

Address - The H Hotel Dubai - 1 Sheikh Zayed Rd - Trade Centre - Trade Centre 1 - Dubai - UAE

8. Rive Gauche


Enticed by the idea of Paris party scenes? Well, experience the same vibe at Rive Gauche and how.

Enjoy the most delicious international cuisines and drinks at the most exciting table that promises nothing but a night to remember. Opened from Monday to Saturday, the place offers different events throughout the week. Not just your weekend getaway, this nightclub in Dubai is the perfect place to find your joy and happiness.

Timing - Monday to Saturday 8 PM to 3 AM

Address - DIFC, Gate Village 3, Floor 3 - Dubai - UAE

9. Eva Beach House


Well-known as one of the most famous nightclubs in Dubai, this place is nothing less than the epitome of luxury. Backed by its excellent services, delicious cuisines, and international drinks, Eva Beach House is surely of the high-end Dubai clubs.

Exclusive performance from international artists is one common attraction of the place. The ambiance, atmosphere, and vibes are completely dedicated to get you on the dance floor. Dance, relax, and chill to relish every moment in this lavish and amazing nightclub in Dubai.

Timing - Sunday to Thursday 10 PM to 1 AM

Friday and Saturday 10 PM to 2 PM

Address - The Club - Palm Jumeirah - Dubai - UAE

10. Cavo Dubai


It is always a great experience when it's about Cavo Dubai. Best captivating view, delicious food, international entertaining music beats, and luxury drink services, Cavo Dubai knows how to win hearts. The charm of this redefined luxury is enough to drive its loyal crowd.

Expect a star-stud crowd and magnificent artists to make you groove on their beats. Don't forget to enjoy their signature mocktails and cocktails along with the mouth-watering delicacies on their menu!

Timing - 12 PM to 3 AM

Address - Ramee Dream Hotel, 6th Floor - opp. Bay Square - Business Bay - Dubai - UAE

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