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The what, why, when & where about how to have the best ladies brunches in Dubai

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

The what, why, when & where about how to have the best ladies brunches in Dubai

If you ask tourists planning to visit Dubai from all over the globe about the most iconic things about Dubai, they will mostly tell you about Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina and many more. However, one of the things that really gives Dubai its unique identity which is distinct from the rest of the world is the brunch scene in Dubai especially ladies brunches in Dubai.

If you have not partaken in a ladies brunch in Dubai, you haven’t truly witnessed the multi-cultural side of Dubai. So, here is an overview about the what, why, when & where about how to have the best ladies brunches in Dubai for those planning to visit UAE.

What to expect from the best ladies brunches in Dubai?

Everyone is aware of New York style brunch which is a heavy meal between breakfast and lunch. However, Dubai has rivalled New York by making this classic meal into an indulgent feast by taking it to the next level, especially ladies brunches. In Dubai, different resorts and restaurants offer ladies brunches that not only include drinks ranging from non-alcoholic to champagne & expensive wines but also the food is not limited to just one dish.

Wait a second. You must be wondering hurray to having inclusive drinks so that you freely raise a tipple but what do you mean by not just one dish.

Well ladies, you are in for a treat because along with free flowing drinks, you also have heavily stacked buffets with a plethora of foodie delights or else, a multi-course meal in fine dining.

Even the quaint cafes of New York or any other place in the world can’t match this. When you partake in the best ladies brunches in Dubai, rest assured that you will be pampered like a royal lady with food and drinks in a lavish but classy environment that resembles New York meeting Las Vegas. So, if you are a woman planning to travel to Dubai, you should definitely find out more about the top rated ladies brunches in Dubai on Lets Party Dubai, your complete guide to Dubai party scene.

Why should you experience the best ladies brunches in Dubai?

Bedouin tea ceremonies and camel racing offer you a peek into the rich cultural history of Dubai. Similarly, shopping and ladies brunches let you experience modern Dubai in all its glitz and glamour. If you are a lady hailing from Dubai or a female expat, then ladies brunches in Dubai is the start or the heart of your weekend melee around which other outings are planned. As a female traveller visiting Dubai, hanging around in the finest ladies nights or brunches of Dubai offers you a cultural immersion into the real ways expat and local women spend their lives in a unique culture that’s shaped from influences around the world.

Also, do you want to experience the fine life of high rollers in Dubai for 3-4 hours and feel like a queen?

Then, brunch in Dubai, especially the ladies brunch is the ideal chance to really feast on great food and drinks like cocktails on a sandy beach, exquisite Japanese meals, a vast outlay at buffets with cuisine from five different continents, etc. Brunches cost anywhere between AED 200 – 1000 and more. But, this is generally always good value versus dining or drinking out at any other time.

When do the best ladies brunches happen in Dubai?

The short answer to this question is mainly Friday afternoons followed quietly by Saturday along with Thursday with some on Sunday too especially for female tourists. Want to know more? Then, find the details below.

Friday afternoon id the best time for ladies brunches in Dubai with almost all hospitality establishments around Dubai competing with one another to lay the most decadent feast with indulgent drinks. If women from Dubai or female tourists visiting Dubai want to have the most authentic experience of the ladies brunch in Dubai, then the 3-4 hours of Friday afternoon is the most ideal time. However, to experience a chilled, lazy afternoon soiree, the best ladies brunches in Dubai happen on Saturday at various, though not all restaurants and resorts in Dubai.

Nowadays, quite a few places in Dubai have started hosting ladies brunches on Thursday evenings as a starter pack to welcome the weekend though it must be said, it’s usually habituated by those wanting a change from the regular, authentic Dubai brunch experience. So, if you are new to brunch in Dubai, then the ladies brunches in Dubai taking place on Thursday night may not give you the real feel of the best ladies brunches in Dubai like those on Friday afternoons. Also, some foodie destinations have started holding ladies brunches in Dubai for female tourists on Sunday. So, if you have a tight itinerary wherein it’s difficult for you to squeeze in the traditional ladies brunch in Dubai, then this would be your best chance.

Where to find the best ladies brunches in Dubai?

Go for brunch in Dubai and there are literally hundreds of options. It is fabulous experience in the region as every ladies brunch in Dubai offers something unique and is priced differently. So, the ladies brunch in Dubai for every woman would be different dependent on her likes and choices as well as budget. Hence, to find the best ladies in brunches in Dubai offering your choices and preferences at a price you like, you might have to do a bit of browsing for bars, restaurants and nightclubs.

For this, a good place to start would be Lets Party Dubai as it has an excellent directory of some of resorts and restaurants and nightclubs serving some of the best ladies brunches in Dubai. To know more, visit their site and explore the best ladies brunches in Dubai along with other things like ladies nights, urban nights, house music, dinner party, brunch party, yacht party, after party, pool party, etc. as well as best places to party in Dubai along with daily schedule for the week. So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for ladies night or brunch, visit Lets Party Dubai to find the best ladies brunches in Dubai.

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