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Make most out of the Dubai ladies' nights 2023

Make most out of the Dubai ladies' nights 2023

At Let's Party Dubai, our aim is to provide you a comprehensive guide to Dubai Ladies nights 2023, so that you can find the Nightclubs and Venues for best Dubai ladies' night deals, offers, freebies and unlimited drinks across the city. Dubai ladies' nights are one of the happening events in the city.

You may be thinking ladies nights in Dubai are only on Tuesdays, well most of the popular nightclubs, party restaurants and bars now open, and host ladies nights throughout the week. Every day is the Ladies Night experience in this vibrant city. Our experts, from casual nights to fantastic deals on food, have covered when it comes to top list of girls night outs near you Dubai can spread out.

Let's Party Dubai is dedicated to bring you updated list of ladies nights with suggestions so that you can have the nightlife experience full of fun. With us you will be able to easily and quickly find right party based on particular day that best suited for you and your group of girls.


For book a table service, we recommend to reserve VIP table early in advance as they sell out fast! Please note most of the nightclubs have strict dress code rule, so in order to enter in these nightclubs, you must be well-dressed to impress and therefore, casual clothes are not allowed. If you're going to party with your girls and want to have an unforgettable night out, Dubai is truly a cosmopolitan city and perfect for clubbing that attract some of the celebrity DJs, musicians, artists and performers from around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Ladies Night in Dubai mean?

The ladies' night is a promotional event every day of a week in Dubai, where women and girls enjoy special deals and discounts in nightclubs, bars and licensed party restaurants.

Are Ladies Nights just on a Tuesday?

In Dubai, they are held in number of night clubs, bars and venues every night of the week.

What the benefits of Ladies' night outs?

On ladies nights, most bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are open and offer exclusive deals and discounts only for women and girls.

What happens at Ladies Nights?

During Ladies Night on every day of the week, ladies and girls of legal drinking age are offered special night-out options, which help them enjoy special deals and discounts in bars, restaurants, nightclubs, and so on.

Why do clubs have lady's night?

A number of nightclubs in Dubai provide night out option for women, who can spend partying freely with other women and girls in the night. This increases sales in the nightclubs, bars, lounges and venues which allows ladies and girls to pay less than men for food and drinks.

Are guys allowed in ladies nights?

Yes, men are allowed but special deals and discounts are meant for ladies only.


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